3 MORE Natural Ways to Fight Acne

3 MORE Natural Ways to Fight Acne

Have you ever tried different facial products only to find that they do more harm than goos? No worries because organic home remedies free of harsh chemicals are available! Here are MORE easy tips you can try at home to erase those zits:


1. Try the “Oil Cleansing Method”

Using natural oils to cleanse the skin, especially on oily skin may seem like a crazy idea. But the basic chemical principle of oil cleansing is that ‘oil dissolves oil’. The best way to remove a non-solvent like sebum/oil is to use an ingredient of similar composition. Not only is the natural oil able to remove oil based impurities from your skin, it leaves your skin soft, too.

Oily skin is basically your body telling you it’s dry. The more you strip your skin with soap cleansers, the more oil your skin produces. By using oil cleansers, your skin would eventually find its balance.

If you’re new to this, try this guide to start yourself off:

For oily Skin: 1/3 Castor Oil or Hazelnut Oil and 2/3 Olive, Sunflower or other oil

For combination Skin: 1/4 Castor or Hazelnut Oil and 3/4 Olive, Sunflower or other oil

Tip: These oils are astringents meaning they pull impurities from skin.

For dry Skin: All nourishing oils like olive oil, or a very small amount of Castor/Hazelnut Oil added to the nourishing oils

Tip: Olive oil is great for dry skin for its moisturizing nature.

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2. Pamper yourself with facial mask

Honey has amazing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Get the best quality honey you can find, mix with enough cinnamon powder to form a paste, add some freshly grated nutmeg, and store it in a small container. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse.

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3. Take good care of your gut with yogurt

There are good bacteria, and then there are bad bacteria. In acne, living microorganisms are present on your skin. Our body sometimes recognizes them as foreign and reacts through inflammation such as redness, swelling and bumps.

While dermatologists have discovered that applying probiotics (good bacteria) topically works well, it is still not a feasible option outside the clinic. Hence, you can start by protecting your gut by taking in yogurt or probiotic supplements. With a healthier gut, it is easier for your body to drive toxins out of your system. This will help avoid inflammatory reactions especially if you have sensitive skin.

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