4 Easy Ways To Prevent HFMD For Malaysian Parents

4 Easy Ways To Prevent HFMD For Malaysian Parents

Recently, we see all these news about HFMD that got all young Malaysian parents to freak out.

Some blame the government, some blame the daycare, some blame the public places.

No matter which side you're on, know that EVERYONE plays an important role to solve this issue.

So parents, stop finding who's to blame and here's 5 easy precautions that you can do to prevent HFMD from infecting your children.

1) Avoid Public Places During an Outbreak

Don't think twice about whether or not you should take your kids to the nearest park or swimming pool, no matter if they're sick or not.

Risks are everywhere and as long as you can avoid them, by all means, please do so!

Here's one case that caught my attention.

And yes, adults can get infected too.

2) Wash your hands, seriously.
As simple as this sounds, we often neglect it. Also, washing your hands for 3 seconds with water is not enough. (don't worry, I'm guilty of this too).

Here's a great guide from Dettol on how to properly wash your hands to avoid spreading germs.

Make sure to always wash your hands after handling your young children and encourage older siblings to do the same.

3) Separate Personal Belongings

Understand that HFMD virus can spread through direct contact with the infected person's saliva.

So, it's imperative to spend a sum of money for your kid's personal belongings like toothbrush, handkerchief, towel and utensil, especially if you send them to daycare.

4) Clean, Rinse and Sanitise


IF you still need to take your kids out, these antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer can come in handy. 

Again, whatever you think might have come in contact with your kid's saliva, sanitize them!

Not only that, educate your little ones on how to use hand sanitizer frequently, especially when you're not around to help them. 


Avoid crowded places like the mall, restaurant and playground.

Don't take risks and it's best for you to quarantine your little children with this current HFMD outbreak.

Be extra precautious with what your kids are playing and what they're putting in their mouth.

Remember, it's preventable. Share with us if you have any other tips on how to prevent it down below!

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