These 5 Food Have More Calcium Than Milk

These 5 Food Have More Calcium Than Milk

I have always been a massive fan of milk. Chocolate milk, Strawberry milk, Milk milk, I love them all.

It just feels good knowing I'm absorbing all the calcium that my body needs, effortlessly, as advertised.

Until one day my friend broke the bad news.

She said, "Do you know it's not real milk?".

I was like,


I mean, I've had it the whole time, what do you mean it's not real?

Apparently, all of the grocery milk that I've been consuming has been pasteurised, which means it has undergone a process to kill harmful bacteria and to extend its shelf-life.

But you know what else got killed? The REAL taste, natural enzymes, beneficial bacteria and most importantly, the promised calcium.

Maybe you already know this, or perhaps I'm being like my friend, breaking the news to you, but nevertheless, we should be aware of it.

I'm not saying pasteurised milk is not good, in fact, I drink it till today, but I always make sure to get the freshest one. My favourite brand would be Farm Fresh.

If you're still confused about this milk thing, know that there are other foods out there that are rich in calcium. I've listed 5 of them down below.

1) Seeds
Sesame seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, they provide enormous calcium, protein and healthy fats for you.

Fun fact, did you know that two tablespoon of Chia Seeds has 6 times more Calcium than milk?

Not only that, as Chia Seeds soaks up liquid, adding them to your water bottle is the easiest way to keep you full while getting all the right nutrients that your body needs!

2) Nuts
Go Nuts over nuts! Especially Almonds. They pack a powerful nutritional punch and contains 200 mg of the recommended daily intake of Calcium. 

Isn't that nuts? Grab a handful as a snack and toss those chips away!

3) Bok Choy
Ever since my Chinese housemate introduced me to Bok Choy stir-fried with garlic recipe, I couldn't stop making it.

The love becomes stronger after knowing this classic Chinese Cabbage also provides a hefty dose of Calcium as well

4) Spirulina
Nutritionists call it 'superfood' for a reason. It's an excellent source of protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and provides as much calcium as a glass of milk! 

Not only that, it's also relatively easy to incorporate spirulina into our diet, especially if you get the powdered one. My favourite way is definitely adding some to my daily smoothies.

5) Sardines

No, no the canned ones. Sardines contain 4 times more calcium than milk, and also rich Vitamin D, a nutrient that helps you absorb and use Calcium.

The easiest way to cook it?
Grill them with three tablespoons of Olive Oil, one tablespoon of vinegar, and a pinch of salt and pepper and boom, your source of Calcium.

To conclude, we are often exposed to advertisements saying milk is the best source of calcium when the truth is, there are many others out there.

Share your thoughts! Do you know any other food that has more Calcium than milk? Leave a comment down below!

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