5 Reasons Why I Add Chia Seeds into My Water Bottle

5 Reasons Why I Add Chia Seeds into My Water Bottle

When I first saw soaked Chia Seeds, I thought they were basil seeds, or in Malay we call them selasih. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one so here’s how they look like, side to side. 

source: https://www.ayueidris.com/

It’s important to be able to tell them apart because Chia Seed’s health benefits are way more than Basil Seeds!

Some sprinkle them on their sandwich, some mix with yogurt and oat but my ultimate favourite has always been adding them to my water bottle. It’s easy, quick and super effortless. Well here are five other reasons why:

1) Improves Skin Health

Chia Seeds are rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can prevent premature aging. It moisturises dry skin and boosts collagen production. If you’re struggling with acne like me, Chia Seeds are packed with anti-acne nutrients like Zinc, Omega 3 and Fiber that can help to fight them. Consistent consumption can also make your skin glow while keeping the zits under control.


2) Promotes Healthy and Shiny Hair

Chia seeds are loaded with protein that is crucial for healthy hair growth. Other nutrients like Zinc and Copper also help to prevent thinning hair and delay graying.

If you want to get full benefits of Chia Seeds for hair I recommend you to try this fantastic hair mask remedy that will make your hair silky, smooth and won’t break the bank!

3) Helps to Curb Appetite

Whenever I feel like snacking, I’d take few sips of water with Chia Seeds first, and I often find the craving stopped. Then I understood that it's because Chia Seeds’ gelatinous consistency and fiber content help to make you feel fuller and gives extra energy. Good news is it may also help with weight loss.

Other than that, the crazy amount of fiber in Chia Seeds also helps with bowel movement and healthier stool. Want to know how to identify a healthy poop? Read more here.

4) Keeps You Hydrated

Do you know that Chia Seeds expands and absorbs thirty times their weight in water? Drinking them will surely keep you hydrated! Fun fact, a Mexican tribe, Tarahumara is known for their long-distance running ability consume Chia Seeds as a drink to boost their energy and hydration till today!

So, a little tip for you, drink them before going for a long workout is excellent to prolong hydration.

5) Great for Cardiovascular diseases

It’s proven that increased fiber intake can help to lower down blood pressure and cholesterol level. Taking the right amount of fiber also regulates inflammation and decrease the risk of inflammation-related diseases like diabetes and obesity.

If it’s healthy, then it’s okay to take a massive amount of them right?

Sorry to break this but excessive intake of Chia Seeds can affect your digestion! The recommended intake of Chia Seeds is around 1.5 tablespoons, twice per day.

Despite the tiny size, Chia Seeds has numerous health benefits to offer but always remember to take them in moderation.

If you’re interested to try Chia Seeds, make sure to get the highest quality or organic Chia Seeds to get the full benefits. Take a look at our Chia Seeds collection here to get started. Happy sipping!

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