Is Vegan Diet The Best Natural Prevention for Diabetes?

Is Vegan Diet The Best Natural Prevention for Diabetes?

What is diabetes prevention about?
Diabetes prevention is about preventing your body from reaching a state of insulin impairment - poor usage/production. In order to achieve this, you need to look into your lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet.

So, is a vegan/vegetarian diet effective?

We know diabetes can be controlled with dietary changes and exercise. Next question: is a vegan diet necessary in order to see a positive effect? Or will simply controlling your diet be enough?

One of the main misconceptions about vegan/vegetarian diets we hear most are: "you'll look unhealthy!" or "there aren't enough nutrients in just plant alone!" or etc. This is not true. You can find all the nutrition  in a well-balanced omnivorous diet can be found in a vegan/vegetarian diet too. This is because plants are equally if not more rich in certain vitamins and minerals than meat.

According to a study by the National Institute of Health (US), a plant-based diet was superior to an individualized (containing meat) diet in the long-term for weight loss and cholesterol control. Those in the plant-based diet group also had to take less medication for blood sugar control. Plus, plant-based dieters also had no nutrient deficiency at the end - busting a common myth.

If you plan to try it out, take it slow and make small changes as you go along.

We recommend to start off with 2-3 vegan/vegetarian meals a week. Better yet, try the Power Plate formula to kick-start your journey!


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