Dear Young Malaysians, Stop These 5 Unhealthy Habits!

Dear Young Malaysians, Stop These 5 Unhealthy Habits!

I don't lie when I say my favourite dish of all time is Nasi Lemak, especially when the sambal is slightly sweet and full of onions with sunny side egg on the side.

Yup, that's what I'm talking about.

I literally couldn't resist having Nasi Lemak EVERY DAY as my breakfast so I would always stop at the nearest Nasi Lemak Stall and tapau it to eat in the office.

And as someone who's working at a Health Store, this couldn't get any more ironic.

I know I am not alone because according to a report by NST, the number of patients aged between 18 to 40 years old in hospitals has doubled in the past four years.

Not only that, 33% of the age group was afflicted with high cholesterol in the blood, and that's A LOT.

So one day I faced the truth, this needs to stop!

It took some time, but I have managed to stop these 5 unhealthy habits, and I if I can do it, you can too!

1) Bang, Teh Ais Satu!
Yes, we're all guilty of this, and honestly, it's not that difficult to stop. What I usually do is I would carry my water bottle filled with Chia Seeds, to almost everywhere I go.

If you're too lazy to carry a water bottle, you can always opt for Plain Water. Not only that you've managed to avoid 30g of sugar, but you'll also realize that you saved a sum of money as well!

2) LRT to work? Let's just Grab

I hated walking, and I always try to find the most convenient way to get to my destination, like driving or Grab.

Don't get me wrong, Grab has undoubtedly made my life (and I'm sure yours also) easier but once in a while, it's not that bad to walk.

Plus, experts advise walking more than 10,000 steps per day.

Now if you're spending almost 8 hours in front of the screen like me, when else do we have time to do that?

3) 50% Rice, 40% Lauk, 10% Vege
This used to be my lunch portion because like other Malaysians, I can't live without rice.

What I did was I reduced the amount of rice to 25%, another 25% of my favourite lauk and the rest 50% of vegetables. To simplify, here's how it looks like. 

4) Not drinking enough water
When I was a college student, 1 liter of the water bottle can last me for a week. YIKES!

It's important to know that everyone needs a different amount of water because it actually depends on your weight, size and activity level.

Click here to check if you're drinking enough water!

5) Not wearing sunscreen
I know it's a little off topic, but I believe many people missed this as well. It's crucial to understand that although you're still young, there's no excuse to leave your house without sunscreen on, especially if you're living in Malaysia. (you know why)

Not only those harmful UVA rays can cause premature aging and wrinkles, but they also increase the risk of getting skin cancer.

That's it! I know I'm far away from living a healthy life, but baby steps count right? If you find these relatable then you know it's time to stop.

Let's all remind each other how important it is to be healthy especially when we're still young and full of energy.


  • Nice tips !

  • Can you suggest some of the good sunscreen for face & body?

  • Thanks for sharing these tips, Adilah!


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