Adania, Multi-Mask Set- Koyara
This set consist of: - ADANIA Blue Sea Algae Healing Mask Travel Size (15g) - ADANIA Creme Ivory Australian Clay Travel Size...
Adania Detox Diva 2.0 set (Brighten Up & Glow!)- Koyara
Brighten Up & Glow! Set Brightens up your complexion. Make dull skin comes alive. Fades freckles and dark spots. Clears...
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Adania, Botanical Brightening Soap (65 gm)- Koyara
Brightening, Hydrating & Nourishing Suitable for: Normal to Oily Skin Beautifully blended botanical soap to brighten, hydrate and nourish your skin...
Adania, Sweet Orange Face Cleanser - Travel Size (50ml)- Koyara
Cleanse, Neutralize & Gentle Gentle cleanser and is ideal for those who have very sensitive skin. Helps to treat skin...
Adania, Pure Soap Bar (65gm)- Koyara
Soothing, Relieve Inflammation & Moisturize Suitable For: Normal to Sensitive skin An all-natural handmade soap without any added fragrances or additives....
Adania, Long Back Luxe Loofah (10gm)- Koyara
The Loofah massages and cleanses the skin from impurities by removing dead skin cells, leaving you with brighter and fresher...
Adania, Pure Lavender Face Cleanser Travel Size (50ml)- Koyara
ADANIA Pure Lavender Face Cleanser in a travel friendly size packaging. Suitable For: Normal, Oily or Acne Prone to Combination skin...
Adania, Blue Sea Algae Healing Mask (50gm)- Koyara
Mature & Rejuvenate Skin Suitable for: Mature skin Spirulina is known as a natural source of protein, iron minerals and nutrients....
Adania, Charcoal Eucalyptus 2 in 1 (65gm)- Koyara
Purify, Powerful Cleansing & Relieve Suitable For: Oily to acne prone skin. This soap provides gentle cleaning and it is best...
Adania, Creamy Natural Body Bar (130gm)- Koyara
Relieve, Soothing & Mild Suitable For: All Skin Types An antiseptic body bar that contains antioxidants which is good for the...
Adania, Face Loofah- Koyara
Suitable For: All skin types Say goodbye to nasty blackheads/whiteheads. This loofah is best in scraping dead skin cells, leaving your...
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Adania, Creme Ivory Australian Clay Travel Size (20g)- Koyara
SHORT EXPIRY: November 2018 Suitable For: Sensitive skin The gentlest clay mask from our clay mask range, suitable for people with...
RM19.90 RM26.00
Adania, Fountain Of Youth Concentrated Serum (10ml)- Koyara
ADANIA Fountain Of Youth Concentrated Serum (10ml)   Recapture youthfulness with concentrated anti-aging serum. Suitable for: All skin types Introducing ADANIA...
Adania, Bergamot & Lime All Natural Deodorant (38gm)- Koyara
This deodorant which is potent, proprietary anti-odours complex will naturally combat odour-causing bacteria. The unique essential oil blend of Citrus...
Adania, Natural Floral Body Wash (250ml)- Koyara
Revitalize & Moisturize Suitable For: All skin type A very rich lather body wash, with skin friendly pH balance enrich with...
Adania, Dreamy Dazzle Concentrated Serum (10ml)- Koyara
ADANIA Dreamy Dazzle Concentrated Serum (10ml) Shine like the stars in a clear night sky. Suitable for: All skin types Improve...
Adania, Sweet Orange Face Cleanser (250ml)- Koyara
Cleanse, Neutralize & Gentle Suitable For: Sensitive, Very Dry to Problematic skin Gentle cleanser and is ideal for those who have...
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Adania, Luxurious Organic Face Oil (50ml)- Koyara
Nourish, Protect & Rejuvenate Suitable For: All skin type and age Specially formulated facial oils to experience silky smooth skin, lighten...
Adania, Peppermint Crush Treatment Shampoo (250 ml)- Koyara
Nourishing & Balancing Freshen up your scalp with refreshing botanical ingredients that will nourish, revitalize and rejuvenate with our powerful...
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Adania, Luxe Natural Skin Defender (30 ml)- Koyara
Works as Ecosunscreen, Primer & Light Foundation with plant-derived ingredients certified by Ecocert An eco-friendly broad-spectrum sunscreen enriched with plant...

About Adania

Adania, introduced in 2014, is Amaryllis Wellness second jewel. It is the one that makes the company proud and re-known to the Malaysian market. Adania, being one of the leading natural and organic skincare, became a hit and received many positive feedbacks from customers, local artists and bloggers. On May 2016, Amaryllis Wellness collaborated with the very famous Mizz Nina for AdaniaXMizzNina. Mizz Nina became the official ambassador for Adania and this has boost the sales and name of the product to whole new level.

2016 is Amaryllis Wellness year in venturing into opening up pop up stores which sells Adania products to a wider audience. ADANIA Face Spa was also introduced at some of the stores which provide natural facial treatments. It is our highlight for this year as we are spreading our wings all across the nation. The pop up stores will be open in Parkson and Metrojaya throughout Malaysia by 2016. Focusing on reaching more customers and getting Adania to a level  as same as other natural skincare brands is our goal that we hope can be achieve in the future.