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Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Magic Body Lotion 125 ml - Koyara - Health Marketplace Malaysia
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Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Lotion Talc 125 ml - Koyara - Health Marketplace Malaysia
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Cosmoderm Malaysia: Affordable and Quality Local Skincare

Cosmoderm Malaysia is founded in 2001 by a team of local skincare experts and dermatologists in the personal care industry. With great foresight in mind, the team built a Malaysian brand that provides quality skincare and body care products which are formulated and manufactured locally by Malaysians. Since Cosmoderm is halal certified; quality assured and affordably priced, the brand rapidly gathered favoritism among skin lovers across Malaysia throughout the years. To date, Cosmoderm Malaysia is in more than 2000 major pharmacies, health stores and local clinics nationwide including flagship stores in Singapore and Lebanon. 

Cosmoderm Most Popular Products in Malaysia 

Cosmoderm's series of products are specifically developed to solve or help most of the common skincare problems that Malaysians encounter on a daily basis. Some of their best-selling products in Malaysia include Cosmoderm Vitamin E Oil, Cosmoderm Vitamin E Cream and Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Cleanser. 

Why Should you Buy Cosmoderm?

  •  Great range of skincare products suitable for your skin problems
  • Reputable local brand with long history in Malaysia
  • Products with high-quality and affordable pricing

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Series

  • The Vitamin E series of Cosmoderm is catered for individuals who suffered from slow healing of acne scars as well as combination skin users.
  • One of the best-selling product in this series is their Cosmoderm Vitamin E Cream, which helps in moisturizing the skin and lightens acne scars. 
  • Another customer favorite is their Vitamin E Oil. With the infusion of rosehip oil and fruit extracts, it reduces stretch marks and encourage faster healing of face and skin scars. 

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Series

  • Cosmoderm's Tea Tree Oil collection is developed for consumers who are having oily and acne skin.
  • The star product among this series is the Tea Tree Oil Cleanser. Infused with Tea Tree Oil Extract from Australia, it cleanses gently by removing excess oil, dirt and unclogging pores for soft and clean skin.

Cosmoderm Feminine Series

  • Last but not least, the Feminine Series by Cosmoderm is specifically formulated for women and female teens. 
  • Among the popular ones are the Manjakani Hygiene Wash, which helps lighten and soothe the skin around the intimate area; and the Soothing Feminine Hygiene Wash which provides relief for irritation and reduce vaginal discharge at intimate area.