Hijau Philosophy Lavender Pure Essential Oil- Koyara
Popular and versatile oil known for its antibacterial, antipruritic, antiseptic and powerful regenerative properties. Floral and sweet smelling particularly well...
Hijau Philosophy Rose Geranium Pure Essential Oil- Koyara
Highly useful, gentle yet effective oil with strong anti-fungal effects. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to aid the healing...
Mayura Apothecary Essential Oil of Lavender (Lavendula Augustifolia)
100 pure and natural lavender essential oil. 5ml
Hijau Philosophy Cypress Pure Essential Oil- Koyara
Oil known for its antiseptic properties. A natural astringent good for tightening skin pores and hair follicles. Also helps ease...
Hijau Philosophy German Chamomile Pure Essential Oil- Koyara
A powerful and useful antiseptic and antibiotic oil. It has strong skin soothing and calming properties for various skin irritations,...
Hijau Philosophy Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil- Koyara
An antiseptic and anti-aging oil which is also a great addition to a calming blend. Recommended for greasy and irritated...
Hijau Philosophy Thyme Pure Essntial Oil- Koyara
Gentle yet all-rounder bacteria buster with antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties. Good addition to a dimply skin or air...
Hijau Philosophy Black Pepper Pure Essential Oil- Koyara
Antispasmodic oil with warming and stimulating properties. Gives relief to muscle cramps and spasms, joint aches and pains. Add to...
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Livingwell Naturals, Geranium Egypt Essential Oil, 15ml
Originated from Australia, Livingwell Naturals Geranium Egypt Essential Oil can be used widely in multiple occasions in your daily life, this...
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Livingwell Naturals, Lavender Essential Oil, 15ml
Originated from Australia, Livingwell Naturals Lavender Essential Oil can be used widely in multiple occasions in your daily life, this includes:   Assists sleeping...
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