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Kel's Natural, Healing Salve 50 g
Healing Salve heals and deeply nourishes dry sensitive skin. It also cools and calm the skin after application. Suitable for...
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Garden of Eden,Tea Tree E Serum (10 ml)
Formulated from a blend of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, natural vitamin E and grape seed oil, Tea Tree E...
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Ranessa, A Drop Of Lush Multipurpose Lotion (50ml)
How about a product that can give you the solution to your skin problems like eczema, rashes, nappy rash and...
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Mayura Apothecary Bear Necessity
Mayura Apothecary Bear Necessity Formulated with raw organic unrefined cocoa butter and unrefined wild beeswax, this is one all-rounder cream....
Human Nature Shield Insect Repellents - Bug Shield Lotion
100 Natural Ban dengue and DEET the safe and natural way! Now infused with soybean oil and eucalyptus oil for...
Human Nature Shield Insect Repellents - Bug Shield Oil
100 Natural Your trusted citronella insect repellent packs a powerful punch against pesky mosquitoes! Infused with soy bean oil and...
Human Nature Shield Insect Repellents - Soybean free Bug Shield Oil (G6PD-Friendly)
100 Natural Keep pesky bugs away with just a few spritzes of goodness! Our all natural, DEET-free formulation is infused...
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Orifera, Lavender Aromatic Virgin Coconut Oil (100ml)
Lavender Aromatic Virgin Coconut Oil with Noni Seed Oil The charming pristine countryside of New Zealand is home to some of...
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Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Magic Body Lotion 125 ml
Suitable for Body Acne & Body Odour Quick natural remedy for body odour, body acne & sunburn• Cool relief to skin...
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Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Lotion Talc 125 ml
Suitable for All Skin Type Lotion talc for soothing protection • Safe application of talc in lotion form without risking...
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Kel's Natural, Wonderbalm 12g
Our proud product Wonderbalm is used to calm and soothe irritated skin. It is safe to be used for babies...