Mayura Apothecary
Mayura Apothecary Translucent Face Powder
Made with all natural ingredients, it gives your face a flawless and shine-free finish throughout the day! Luxuriously scented with...
Mayura Apothecary Cocastor Shampoo
Helps to control oil on scalp, anti dandruff, decongest pores and revitalize hair root. 500ml
Mayura Apothecary Essential Oil of Frankincense (Boswellia Thurifera)
100 pure and natural frankincense essential oil. 5ml
Mayura Apothecary The Divine Moisturiser
For a Youthful and Vibrant Visage With Plant Collagen, Rose Oil, Frankincense Oil, and Blue Lotus Oil. The ultimate cream...
Mayura Apothecary Organic Unrefined Argan Oil
Organic unrefined argan oil, well-known as the Moroccan fountain-of-youth, is an excellent oil for the hair, nails, and skin. It...
Mayura Apothecary NaturaLLY Pink Argan Lipstick
Naturally Edible Moisturizing Lipstick with Argan Oil. Extra nice on chapped lips! 5ml
Mayura Apothecary Butterfly Pea Shampoo
Darkens and nourishes your hair to maintain good moisture level for healthy black hair. 500ml
Mayura Apothecary Mozzie Away
100 Natural Bugs Repellent. Free from harmful chemical, this repellent spray packed a punch to your most hateful foe! Very...
Mayura Apothecary Sunblock SPF25
100 naturally formulated Sun-Block, a necessity in our sun-drenched country of Malaysia. This water-based sun-block will block not only harmful...
Mayura Apothecary Almond Oil
100 Pure unscented almond oil. A classic carrier oil for massage, useful for stretch marks and skin dryness.  
Mayura Apothecary Castor Oil
A miracle oil that promotes hair growth, moisturize dry skin and minimize stretch marks.
Mayura Apothecary Essential Oil of Lavender (Lavendula Augustifolia)
100 pure and natural lavender essential oil. 5ml
Mayura Apothecary Ginseng Serum
Formulated with pure ginseng extract and finest Korean ginseng powder, this is a truly anti-aging and skin rejuvenating serum for...
Mayura Apothecary Natural Shampoo Base
Gentle and chemical-free liquid Castile soap. Formulated with extra virgin olive oil, coconut and sunflower oil, it packs all the...
Mayura Apothecary Turmeric Lip Salve
All the goodness of turmeric in a stick! High antioxidant, highly recommended for lip repair. 5ml
Mayura Apothecary Lemon Cider Hair Conditioner
100 natural with the goodness of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and lemon. It is effective to counter itchy, oily and...
Mayura Apothecary Soothing Skin Salve
Mayura Apothecary Soothing Skin Salve Problematic skins are now abound. Angry and irritating patches would surely arise if you have...
Mayura Apothecary Avocado Oil
An excellent moisturizing oil for hydrating and softening skin especially on elbows, knees, heels and ankles. Also effective to treat...
Mayura Apothecary Face Charm Cleanser
It does not matter whether your face is oily or dry and/or of the combination type as our Face Charm...
Best Seller
Mayura Apothecary Bear Necessity
Mayura Apothecary Bear Necessity Formulated with raw organic unrefined cocoa butter and unrefined wild beeswax, this is one all-rounder cream....
The saying goes: 'necessity is the mother of invention', nothing is truer than this statement to describe our start-up. Mayura Apothecary is born as an idea of bringing true, harmless, and natural products to the public. We started as an herbal education initiative of bringing authentic and safe complimentary medicine information to the masses, Mayura Apothecary has moved on to bringing our audiences a wide range of products; starting with therapeutic skincare to a complete lifestyle solution, embracing healthy cooking, safe and gentle natural detergents, as well as effective remedies.