Biogreen Prune Enzymes, 950ml
Biogreen Prune Enzymes, 950ml

Biogreen Prune Enzymes, 950ml
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Prune Enzymes is made of organic prunes and active enzymes honey that form the perfect match to safe guard your body from the harm of diseases and sickness. It contains high level of antioxidants, fibre, active enzymes, vitamin A, B complex and various types of minerals.


• Organic prunes – Helps to increase red blood count and promote skin ruddiness
• Enzymes – Facilitate in food digestion and increases food absorption, increase white blood cells which aids in healing & germs killing
• Neutralises body fluid and blood pH
• Purifies blood and enhances blood circulation
•Stimulates growth of beneficial bacteria to strengthen immune system

Recommended For

Individuals with problems of poor digestion, fatigue, constipation, and anemia



100% Organic Prunes*, Active Enzymes Honey (*Certified Organic by QAI, Quality Assurance International)


Suggested Serving: Mix 2 tablespoons in 200ml water. Can be mixed with juices or other beverages.

Storage Condition: Please keep in cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

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