Human Nature All Natural Baby Oil

Human Nature All Natural Baby Oil
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100 Natural | Hypoallergenic

When it comes to your newborn, just how important is a motheró»s special touch? As the first form of communication, this interaction deepens the loving bond between mother and baby.

Show your love and affection in the most intimate way without exposing your baby to harmful chemicals. Our Natural Baby Oiluses pure, premium-grade sunflower oil thats perfectly safe and mild for your little one. As natures wonder oil, it helps soothe itchiness, irritation and little boo-boos. Its dermatologist tested, so you can be sure to keep your little angeló»s skin soft and supple.

Studies show that massaging your baby with sunflower oil lessens the risk of skin infections by 41*. (Source: Dr. Leslie Baumann, Cosmoceutical Critique: Sunflower Oil)

Our natural formulations incorporate an Eco-Cert certified all natural baby fragrance that is 100 free from phthalates!

Our Baby Oil is Step 3 in our 4-step baby care from bath to bed routine:
Step 1: Cleanse and Calm Baby Wash
Step 2: Moisturize and Nourish Baby Lotion
Step 3: Protect and Nurture Baby Oil
Step 4: Keep Diaper Rashes at Bay Natural Nappy Cream

Did You Know?
Infant massage is crucial for the babyó»s development and is just as important as eating and sleeping. Infant massage stimulates the brain nerves to improve your babyó»s food absorption thereby supporting a healthy weight gain. It also lowers the babyó»s stress level to promote a stronger, healthier immune system.


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