Earth Care Keep Calm & Relax Soap

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Earth Care Keep Calm & Relax Soap- Koyara
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Lavender ChamomileSOAP
| Calming, Relaxing |

Having a rough day? De-stress and unwind with me, your therapeutic soap! made of lavender-chamomile infused olive oil and real chamomile flowers, and scented with lavender and rosemary essential oil blend. And also perfect for insomniacs.


Benefits (

  • Lavender has various therapeutic values, including calming and antiseptic properties. Traditionally used to treat anxiety and depression, relieve insomnia and also heals wounds, acnes, eczema, and various skin conditions.
  • Chamomile used to promote general relaxation and relieve sore muscles due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and also contains antibacterial agents to speed up healing of minor skin ailments.


Suitable For: All Skin Types | Face & Body |
Use me regularly to achieve well moisturized, soft and smooth skin.

Whats My Weight: 100g (+/-)

Lifespan: Best to use within 6 months as the scent from essential oils will dissipate. Good to store up to 1 year.

Extra virgin olive oil infused with lavender & chamomile, sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, vitamin E, sodium hydroxide, distilled water infused with lavender buds, lavender powder, chamomile flowers, titanium dioxide. Essential oils (lavender, rosemary). Soaps are superfatted at 5 with sweet almond oil for extra moisturized, soft and smooth skin.
Wet bar with water, and lather with hands or soap bag. Always keep soap in dry soap dish and away from sunlight after every use to extend lifespan. DO NOT allow soap to sit in water.