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Earth Living 100% Unprocessed Sea Lavender Honey, 800g
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This honey is derived from vast carpet of sea lavender flowers grow naturally in dry, sandy and rocky areas in Southern France. Harvested by the France’s reputable 6 generations beekeeper, the ‘knowhow’ to produce this honey straight from the honeycomb to this bottle. Sources from sea lavender flowers nectar together with pollens, free from agro-pesticides, gives this honey not only its delicate subtly soothing flavor but also empowered incredibly abundant healthful substances. Sea Lavender honey also possesses the soothing energy to calm, relax you from the daily hectic life.

We assure you that our Organic French Sea Lavender Raw Honey is strictly pure, raw, unpasteurized, lightly filtered, not chemically treated, not commercially or industrially produced, unadulterated with sweeteners like corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Raw honey can sometimes form granulated crystallization, it’s a normal sign of pureness and it doesn't change any quality and health effects of your honey.

Why take this honey?

  • Pure, natural, raw and unpasteurized honey contains free-radical fighting antioxidants.
  • Full of minerals, vitamins and energy boosting healthful carbohydrates
  • Natural antibacterial and antibiotic, build up your immune system's tolerance to illness
  • High pollen and enzymes content


Certified 100% natural pure harvested honey, France Natural Sea Lavender. 


Suitable For:

- A healthier sweetener substitute for drinks, cooking, baking and etc.
- Cosmetic remedies like face mask, home cosmetic DIV.
- Minor home remedies like sore throat cure, antiseptic treating wounds.
- Take with lemon juice/apple cider vinegar for unlimited ailment benefits.

Not for baby below 1-year old 

Not to be heated or taken in hot water to kill the beneficial enzymes

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