Kordel's, Bio Liquid-Calcium (120's + 30's) - Koyara - Health Marketplace Malaysia
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Kordel's, Bio Liquid-Calcium (120's + 30's) - Koyara - Health Marketplace Malaysia
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Kordel's, Bio Liquid-Calcium (120's + 30's)
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Kordel’s Bio Liquid-Calcium is a convenient way to supplement your daily intake of calcium, as it provides 350mg of calcium with added Vitamin D for improved absorption. It comes in a pre-dissolved liquid form that is encapsulated in a Vegicaps® softgel capsule, making it easy to swallow. The capsule will rupture within 3-5 minutes.

Calcium and Health

Calcium is an essential mineral found in great abundance in the body. 99% of the body’s calcium is stored in the bones and teeth, and the remaining 1% is in the blood. Calcium plays an important role in regulating several bodily functions, including:

  • Regulating the heartbeat
  • Conducting nerve impulses
  • Stimulating hormone secretion
  • Clotting blood
  • Building and maintaining healthy bones.
Adequate calcium intake is important. This is because the body loses calcium every day through the skin, nails and hair, as well as through sweat, urine and faeces. This lost calcium must be replaced daily through diet, failing which, the body will draw out calcium from the bones and circulate it through the blood in order to maintain blood calcium levels. This leaching of calcium from the bones will cause the bones to weaken and become more prone to breakage, a condition known as osteoporosis or 'porous bone'.


The Best Calcium Supplement Combination

Calcium supplements often contain vitamin D, a necessary element for the absorption of calcium. About 10-40% of dietary calcium is absorbed in the small intestine with the help of vitamin D (Somer, 1995; Mahan et al, 1996). Hence, calcium absorption is dependent on the levels of the active form of vitamin D. Some individuals may think that vitamin D supplementation with calcium is not necessary because it is easily acquired from foods such as fish and egg yolk, and via the skin through exposure to sunlight. However, there are conditions which affect the absorption of calcium from the diet, including certain medications, and high consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Moreover, the amount of sunlight that the skin absorbs is dependent on the amount of exposure to the sun a person gets, as well as if he/she uses sunscreen. In general, we need about 15-20 minutes of exposure to sunlight in order to maintain adequate vitamin D levels. Therefore, for the best results, it is recommended that individuals consume combined supplements of calcium and vitamin D.


For healthy bones and teeth and proper nerve and muscle function; to prevent muscle cramps. Beneficial for women of all ages, especially menopausal women, teenagers, expectant and breastfeeding mothers and the elderly.


Calcium (as carbonate) - 350mg

Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) - 100IU


Take 1 vegicap 2 times daily after meals.

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