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Kordel's, Eggshell Membrane Plus Boswellia (90's + 30's) - Koyara - Health Marketplace Malaysia
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Kordel's, Eggshell Membrane Plus Boswellia (90's + 30's)
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Eggshell Membrane

Good nutrition is very important for our overall health and plays a big part in muscle, joint and nerve pain management. Most people know, or have heard about, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for knee osteoarthritis. Recently, scientist has discovered one of the most abundant sources “Eggshell Membrane” that can be the breakthrough treatment for knee osteoarthritis. Some studies even suggested that eggshell membrane supplement may outperform glucosamine for joint health.

Eggshell membrane is the thin membrane found between the egg shell and the egg white. Biologically, it’s there to work with the shell to protect the egg yolk from outside contaminants. The unique mechanism of eggshell membrane and its ability to protect the egg yolk had drawn the interest of scientist to explore the potential benefits of this natural ingredient. Eggshell membrane contains collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan, which are found in our body. According to research, extracts from the membrane of an eggshell may improve the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, and offer an alternative to glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. The safety profile for eggshell membrane is also significances as there are no known side effects, except for the egg allergy concern.

What is KEM made from?

Kordel’s Eggshell Membrane is made from Biovaflex® with a patented technique to strip the membrane away from a used chicken’s eggshell. The separated eggshell membrane then go through another patented process called Hydro5 to isolate and concentrate the eggshell membrane making it the only water-soluble eggshell membrane supplement. In the production of high quality, natural ingredients in a sustainable and environmental sensitive and all natural manners, Biovaflex® is eco-smart, green and 100% made in the USA.

6 Bioactive ingredients found in KEM:

  1. Elastin - a protein critical to skin, cardiovascular, cartilage, and spinal column health; Elastin gives tissue the elastic tension and ability to resume its shape after stretching.
  2. Desmosine/ Isodesmosine –two little known amino acids responsible for elastin’s elastic or “rubbery” properties
  3. Transforming growth factor beta – a protein that plays a crucial role in tissue repair, cellular differentiation and immune function
  4. Collagen- fibrous protein critical to cartilage strength and elasticity
  5. Total glycosaminoglycan (GAG) –Support of joint and connective tissue health
  6. Antioxidants – Inhibits ROS formation, Lipoxygenase and reduce inflamation

KEM - The natural solution to Knee Osteoarthritis

  1. Relieves pain as early as 7 days
  2. Once-A-Day easy and convenient
  3. Natural from Eggs – safe as a daily knee health supplement
  4. Patented Hydro 5, quality and results are assured
  5. Suitable for Diabetic and vegetarian


As a knee health supplement.


Hydrolyzes Eggshell Membrane (Biovaflex®) - 450mg


Adult: Take one capsule once daily, preferably in the morning, with food. It should be taken for 6 weeks for optimum results.


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