Love Earth, Organic Quinoa 500g
Love Earth, Organic Quinoa 500g

Love Earth, Organic Quinoa 500g
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Shelf Life: 1 year from production date


is a protein-rich food.
which contains nine essential amino acids.

It is also a great source of riboflavin. 

help to regulate the digestive system and
to keep you fuller and more satisfied

The most protein-rich foods

A lost twice as much fibre as most
other grains

Iron helps keep our red blood cells healthy and
is the basis of
haemoglobin formation

Lysine source of complete protein


High in Riboflavin (B2)

High content of Manganese 

[When we talk about White Rice VS Quinoa]

White rice has a high glycemic index (GI) due to it is a refined starch. In other word, white rice isn’t a very good weight-loss food. The next time you plan to eat white rice, consider substituting quinoa as a high-protein, high-fiber alternative.

Quinoa has 15 times less carbohydrates than White Rice.

Quinoa has 5 more grams of fiber than White Rice.

Quinoa has 50% more protein than White Rice.

Quinoa has 200 fewer calories than White Rice.


Quinoa will be the best option if you require high intake for protein or you’re a vegetarian or vegan and can’t get protein from meat products. Quinoa does provide a complete protein on its own without a hefty amount of fat, calories, sodium or cholesterol.

In conclusion, quinoa not only helps you cut calories, but it will also fill your stomach full and so that end up eating less. Substituting quinoa everywhere you would normally use rice for fast result. 


100% Organic Quinoa



Tips / Usage
Store in a dry, cool sealed
container and place


Suggestion Recipe
Add in healthy salad

Enjoy it as Casserole
(Brocoli Quinoa Casserole)

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